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COMET-Farm is a tool developed by the USDA to model the carbon-sequestration potential of different conservation practices. It was developed as a whole farm and ranch carbon greenhouse gas accounting system for farmers. This tool is based on spatially-explicit data for climate and soil conditions at a particular location and generates an estimate of a farm or ranch's carbon footprint.

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Carbon Emissions by County

The first app visualizes county-by-county data for North Carolina. Hovering over each county gives an overview of CO2 emissions per county. This tool can be accessed by clicking on the map or at the following link.

County-by-county data on carbon-sequestration potential for North Carolina.
Carbon Sequestration Calculator

The second app helps producers estimate or predict the effect of practicing managed grazing given in an estimate of CO2 emissions. This tool can be accessed at the following link or by clicking on the image below.

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