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Who are we?

We are an interdisciplinary team of graduate and undergraduate students collaborating with faculty on a regenerative grazing project and developing a carbon offsets protocol under the auspices of a Duke University Bass Connections Project. We spent the fall learning about regenerative grazing from industry experts, farmers, government stakeholders, and attending conferences. From this, we have split our group into two, one group focusing on creating a carbon offsets protocol and the other team working on leveraging current policies and improving existing policies to support regenerative grazing practices.

2020-2021 Project Team

Graduate Students:

• Bonnie Ballard, J.D. Candidate, UNC-Chapel Hill

• Bridget Eklund, J.D. Candidate, Duke Law

• Katia Colin Bernal, Master of Environmental Management, Ecosystem Science and Conservation, Duke

• Jiahui (Jenny) Zong, Business and Environment, Duke

• Lauren Dunn, UNC-Chapel Hill

Undergraduate Students:

• Andrea Padilla Guerrero, Undergraduate Student, NC State University

• Annie Roberts, Environmental Sciences (BS), Duke

• Brian Glucksman, Mathematics (BS), Philosophy (AB2), Duke

• Cambria White, Undergraduate Student, NCCU

• Caroline Patterson, Undergraduate Student, UNC-Chapel Hill

• Juhi Dattani, Undergraduate Student, NC State University

• Kimberly Hernandez, Environmental Sci/Policy (AB), Italian Studies (AB2), Duke

• Mary Grace Phillips, Undergraduate Student, NC State University

Leadership Team:

Emma Fulop

Lee Miller

Matthew Arsenault

Michelle Nowlin


Our Thanks

The project is grateful for the support of the Bass Connections Program, the staff of its Energy and Environment Theme, and especially Bryan Koen.


The project would not have been possible without the vision and organizing efforts of Tani Colbert-Sangree.



Regenerative Grazing NC

Durham, North Carolina


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